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SharperIron » A “Mansion” over the Hilltop?

May 13, 2009

SharperIron » A “Mansion” over the Hilltop?


That Didn’t Count!

June 18, 2008

When I was a young boy I was very competitive. Actually I still am, but my salvation has tempered my zeal and helped me to have correct priorities. But when I was little I reeeeeaaally hated to lose. And there were times when I would lose a race or game to someone else. In my frustration I can remember (on more than one occasion) blurting out, “that didn’t count!”

There are those that have spilled much ink about how the footnotes of modern versions cast doubt upon the word of God. There are even people that compile how many words have doubt cast upon them by such footnotes. They then make ridiculous claims about how many words have been “removed” or “had doubt cast upon them”. I have even read claims that some versions have removed over 60,000 words! These folks cry out “that didn’t count!” if there is a footnote on a verse.

Again, I refer to my “word for word, page for page” copy of the AV 1611 and look at Luke 27:36. Lo and behold, there is a note in the margin that says this:


What we have here is a failure to communicate!

April 25, 2008

I have in my possession a booklet entitled “The King James Bible Companion” that boldly claims “OVER 500 ARCHAIC WORDS DEFINED” (This statement alone is grounds for an updated version of God’s word…but let’s move on). It also claims, “If you have a King James Bible, this book needs to be inside it.” I appreciate the desire to help people understand God’s word in the KJV. And if you are only going to read the KJV, then you really do need this booklet.

But even when a person has this booklet they are liable to misapply the scriptures they read in the KJV. Oh, I know that when I come across the word “Penury”, “Holden”, “Holpen”, or “Neesings”, then I need to pick up the dictionary and look up the meaning.

But what about when I come across a word like “communicate”?


NO! Your Other Right!

April 21, 2008

One time my wife and I were traveling to a store that I had never been to. I was driving, so my wife was giving me directions on how to get there. As we approached an intersection I asked, “Which way?” She glanced up and said, “Turn right.” As I began to steer the car to the right she looked up in a panic and cried, “No! NO! Your other right!”

Inadvertently, my wife had meant to say one thing, but instead said the exact opposite. We see this same thing happen in the King James Version.


Playing Peek a Boo with Inerrancy

April 7, 2008

When my kids were very young we used to play a game called “peek a boo”. You’ve probably heard of it or played it yourself. If you haven’t, the rules are pretty simple. You take the baby’s hands and cover their eyes. Then you pretend that you can’t see the baby and say something like, “Wheeeeeere’s Freddie?” You then pull the babies hands away from their eyes and pretend to be surprised as you say, “There he is!” If the child laughs then you repeat the process until it looks like the baby’s stomach is getting unsettled and then you stop. Trust me, you need to stop. Or else things will get ugly. Great fun for all parties involved.

When I was a KJOnlyist I played a similar game whenever there were people that said there were “mistakes” or “errors” in the KJV. Like this for example:


Cut It Out!

April 6, 2008

My uncle had a woodworking shop and he taught me a few things about how to use the equipment. One time he had me help him to make some rocking horses for his grandchildren. He gave me a pattern of the seat and told me to make several pieces from it. I paid attention and did a decent job of making a good pile of seats.

Now let’s suppose that you were in charge of assembling the rocking horses. You come along and pick up two of the seats and you notice something… they are not alike! As you shuffle through more of the seats you realize that only a few of them are alike. Most of them have some minor difference from the others. You understand that things that are different are not the same. It is important for you to know what ones are correct. This is similar to the problem we face when different translations of God’s word differ on the translation of certain verses. So here is the question concerning our seats:

How can you tell which ones are properly made?


The Day I Lost My Fastball

April 2, 2008

Back when I was a staunch KJVOnlyist I had a few “fastball phrases” that I would throw at my “new translation” adversaries. One of those phrases was, “The word of God should not be copyrighted!” It was the fastball that I threw to get the third strike. Surely everyone would agree that you shouldn’t make profit off of what God said!

Then one day I read something very disconcerting.