About Me

I am an independent Baptist pastor who believes in the fundamentals of the faith.

I chose the name of this blog because I see so many blogs named from words or phrases from dead languages. I figure that Elizabethan English is dead enough to use the phrase “I do you to wit” as the name. “Wit” means to know, or learn. So the things I write on this blog are things that I want you to know or learn.

I am writing this blog anonymously with the ghost name of “Pastor Wit”. I do this because the subject matter may be quite controversial. My first obligation is as a Pastor. I do not want to cause unneeded controversy for the precious sheep that God has called me to oversee. I want to share my experiences and opinions as a pastor so that others can learn from it. However, if the writings begin to take too much of my time or effort I can drop the blog without constant harassing if I remain anonymous. Also, if you don’t agree with what I write, then you can chuckle to yourself and say, “I guess his first name must be ‘Nit'”. Initially most of the articles will be regarding my dealings with people regarding the King James Version of the Bible because that is something I am currently “battling” in my church. As other issues or thoughts arise, I will comment on them as well.

You should also know that I used to be King James Only.

As of this writing, my church uses the King James Version of the Bible. I believe this is best at this time. I prefer ‘essentially literal’ translations of the scriptures. At this time, no essentially literal translation has risen to the place of ‘common acceptance’ that I believe is necessary for going through the trouble of switching versions.

I have a Master of Divinity. And while I have had 2 years of Greek and 1 year of Hebrew, I am by no means an ‘expert’ in these biblical languages. However my classes have allowed me to be able to investigate the original languages and better understand the more technical commentaries and lexicons. For this I am thankful. But just know that the original languages are not the sharpest tools in my toolbox.

Good clean humor is something that I love. I hope it was apparent in the paragraph on how I named this blog.

That should be enough information for now. I pray that the Lord will be glorified by all that is written on this blog.


One Comment on “About Me”

  1. I will respect this request of yours brother, and if I am to find out who you are (inadvertantly) I will not let anyone else know. I will be praying for you in your battle and may everything you do be done for the sake of the gospel > I Cor. 9:23.

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