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So You Want To Be A Pastor, eh?

February 25, 2009

Suppose a young man comes to you and tells you that he feels called to be a pastor. I feel that one of the weaknesses of fundamentalism has been our tendency to look to our youth for leadership instead of developing more mature believers for the pastorate. So here is the advice I would give my son if he came to me before graduating high school and told me that he felt called to be a pastor. There are 5 areas that I believe must be thoroughly developed in a man before he should pastor.



SharperIron » Kenton Sparks and Biblical Inerrancy

February 3, 2009

SharperIron » Directions in Evangelicalism, Part 6
Kenton Sparks and Biblical Inerrancy.

Good thoughts on Creation, Evolution, and Inerrancy. The previous posts need not be read to enjoy this one.

Thoughts on Missions

February 2, 2009

Given that my church has just finished up our Missions Conference, I have had “missions on my mind” for quite some time. So I thought I would write down some of my thoughts to share. One of the great blessings of an independent Baptist church is that we choose our own missionaries. There is a much greater bond between the people and their missionaries when they have seen and selected them.

In my evaluation of missionaries and their ministries, there seems to be some that need long term support, and others that require only short term support, and some that only need short term but continue to receive support forever.

Let me give you some examples of what I like and dislike…