SharperIron » Weary of the Worship Wars

SharperIron » Weary of the Worship Wars

Excellent article on music by Steve Davis. While my training was not at the same school, I was taught much the same as he was concerning music.  I too have come to similar convictions.

I would state that the Sr. Pastor is the one that will answer for what music is played in the church. I would disagree with having different music for the youth simply because you may inadvertently cause discord for a family that has strict musical standards.

I do not preach my personal convictions from the pulpit. I teach musical principles from the scriptures and I tell my people that they will have to answer for what music they listen to in their personal lives. I will not judge them for their choices. They must determine, through the scriptures and the guidance of the Spirit, what music they can listen to and glorify God. I only ask that they do not try to force their convictions on others or judge the spirituality of others based on what they listen to. I must answer for what plays in the church. So at our church, I try to have very ‘conservative’ music in our services in an attempt not to offend the sensitivities of some of our members. I do this out of love for them. They cannot close their ears to music that they believe is sinful.

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