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Thinking About Separation & Unity (Part 3: Practical Separation)

June 23, 2008

Sometimes I am asked, “Why so many denominations? Why can’t we just all get along?” And sometimes I have asked myself the question, “If we’re all independent fundamental Baptists, then why can’t we get along?” It seems that there is always some issue or doctrine that divides churches. These are areas of practical separation. But I want to emphasize something from the start: These issues and doctrines do not call for total separation. There are times where unity can be realized, and other times it just isn’t practical. I’ll answer the questions above and give you and example from my own ministry.



That Didn’t Count!

June 18, 2008

When I was a young boy I was very competitive. Actually I still am, but my salvation has tempered my zeal and helped me to have correct priorities. But when I was little I reeeeeaaally hated to lose. And there were times when I would lose a race or game to someone else. In my frustration I can remember (on more than one occasion) blurting out, “that didn’t count!”

There are those that have spilled much ink about how the footnotes of modern versions cast doubt upon the word of God. There are even people that compile how many words have doubt cast upon them by such footnotes. They then make ridiculous claims about how many words have been “removed” or “had doubt cast upon them”. I have even read claims that some versions have removed over 60,000 words! These folks cry out “that didn’t count!” if there is a footnote on a verse.

Again, I refer to my “word for word, page for page” copy of the AV 1611 and look at Luke 27:36. Lo and behold, there is a note in the margin that says this:


Thinking About Separation & Unity (Part 2: Pastoral Separation)

June 9, 2008

I want to continue my discussion on separation and unity this week. In part 1 we looked at personal separation from the world and how it affects unity in the church. This week I want to consider Pastoral (or Ecclesiastical) separation and how it affects unity between different churches.

I want to keep this post as brief as possible, so understand that there may be some “painting with a broad brush”. I will try to qualify some statements as we go, but just understand that this is a complex topic being boiled down to a short blog post.