Smart Things Other People Have Written

Things have been sort of hectic here in the ministry and I am still formulating my thoughts on part 2 of ‘Unity and Separation’. In the meantime I thought I would give you some interesting articles that I have read by other people that are much more articulate than me.

First and foremost, this article on ‘A Fundamentalism Worth Saving’ should be required reading for everyone that claims to be a fundamentalist.

A very thoughtful evangelical writer, Dr. Al Mohler, gives his thoughts on doctrinal separation and unity. But he doesn’t address the difficult subject of what should be done about those that disobediently fellowship with false teachers. Here is a well written response to his article by Dr. Kevin Bauder.

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One Comment on “Smart Things Other People Have Written”

  1. VanceH Says:

    Thanks for the links. I especially liked Dr. Mohler’s taxonomy. I Googled upon your blog while searching for commentary on Romans 14. I too am thinking about separation and unity right now and your part 1 post was helpful to me. I haven’t managed to post about it yet–not for lack of trying, but so far nothing has really come together. It was encouraging for me to see another believer working through the same issues.

    — Vance

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