The Day I Lost My Fastball

Back when I was a staunch KJVOnlyist I had a few “fastball phrases” that I would throw at my “new translation” adversaries. One of those phrases was, “The word of God should not be copyrighted!” It was the fastball that I threw to get the third strike. Surely everyone would agree that you shouldn’t make profit off of what God said!

Then one day I read something very disconcerting.

I later looked in my “word for word, page for page” copy of the AV 1611 and confirmed it. There it was on the title page of the New Testament… “Cum Privilegio”. Latin for “with privilege”: the ancient relative of our modern day copyright. I was stunned. My beloved KJV was copyrighted?!? My beloved KJV is still copyrighted in certain countries?!?

If the KJV is still copyrighted after nearly 400 years, then I think it is safe to say that we should lay off the modern versions that have only been copyrighted for a few years. Translations cost money to produce. There is nothing wrong with using copyright laws to protect the investment made in producing these new translations of God’s word.

If you are going to argue for the KJV to be the only version to use, then whatever you do, don’t use the copyright “pitch”. It is ineffective.

For more information please see this article.

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